About the second shift

Hi, Hello! Welcome to The Second Shift (TSS) Blog! My name is Khushboo (pronounced just the way you think! Khush – Boo), and I am the face behind TSS! I type with a lot of exclamation marks, because I am generally just an excited person, and I promise I am not yelling at you!! Anyway, welcome to my site! The Second Shift was created to inspire fun and creative recipes after your work shift. 

Here’s a little about me! I was born in Oakland, CA and was raised in St. Augustine, FL. Very fortunate to be around beaches my whole life. I went to school for Civil Engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF)! I am a professional engineer by day and a food blogger remainder of the time! I love creating new recipes and learning about the science behind food and ingredients! I love to entertain and throw themed dinner parties! I really have a knack for them! 

I have been very fortunate to live in a few different states and pick up cultural cooking. After college, I worked in Orlando for about 6 years, and learned soooo much about Hispanic cooking. I loved the flavor profiles and the comfort behind the dishes. I, then relocated to San Francisco, CA, where I ate a ton of Asian food and learned a lot of new vegan recipes! I now live in Dallas, TX and have found that BBQ is something Texans don’t mess around with! 

I hope to give my readers, like you, recipes that are influenced by my love of traveling and entertaining. In addition to recipes, you will find party planning ideas, lifestyle hacks and tips, and an outlet to spread awareness