Cajun Chicken Vodka Pasta

This Cajun Chicken Vodka Pasta is the best pasta! It’s creamy, spicy and brings a great punch of flavor. This pasta is made with chicken, but easily tastes just as great without the meat if you are vegetarian! Actually, most times I eat it without the meat!  This pasta is so easy to make and […]

Baked Churro S’mores

You will love these baked churros, they are the best! They are so light and fluffy! You won’t even miss them not being fried. Even though they are baked, they still have a crisp outer texture. The inside is super light and dense. They are semi guilt-free because they are baked as opposed to deep […]

Hatch Green Chile Mini Soft Pretzels

These Hatch Green Chili Mini Soft Pretzels are so soft and pillowy. The dough comes together in no time, and you only have to wait about 10 minutes for it to rise! These mini pretzels are filled with hatch green chile and they add the perfect saltiness to the pretzel. They are covered with cheddar […]

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