Peach Cobbler Ice Cream

With the summer weather in full force here in Texas, there is nothing better than some ice cream to cool things off! This Peach Cobbler Ice Cream is the best ice cream I have ever made! It is so fresh with bursts of flavor! 

The secret ingredient in this Peach Cobbler Ice Cream is the swirls of the peach cobbler compote that is made with pumpkin pie spice seasoning! There are chunks of pound cake in the batter which just adds an extra texture into the ice cream! The caramel drizzle and granola on top just elevates this dessert! This ice cream is so easy to put together and it is super perfect for gatherings. For me, I find this to be the perfect dessert to end a BBQ!


Yields: 6-8 servings

For the ice cream mixture:
2 cups of heavy cream
1-14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice seasoning
1 tsp of ground cardamom
1 cup of chopped pound cake (frozen or fresh)
Caramel Sauce for garnish (if desired)
Almond granola for garnish (or your choice of granola) (if desired)

For the “peach cobbler” mixture:
2 medium peaches, sliced
1 tbsp of butter
1/3 cup of light brown sugar
1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice seasoning
1 tsp of ground cardamom
1 tbsp of honey


1.On medium-high heat, combine all the peach cobbler ingredients into a saucepan. Let the peach cobbler mixture cook for about 6-8 minutes. Stir occasionally to make sure it doesn’t burn. Set aside and let the mixture cool for 20-30 minutes prior to putting into the ice cream mixture. 

3. To make the ice cream, whisk the heavy cream and vanilla extract in the stand mixer on medium-high speed. Whisk until you get stiff peaks (about 5-7 minutes). Add in the pumpkin pie seasoning and cardamom, and whisk until combined. Fold in the sweetened condensed milk with a rubber spatula until mixture is combined. 

4. Pour half the batter into a metal 8 by 8 baking pan (or your choice to pan). Swirl in half of the peach cobbler mixture and top with pound cake. Repeat with remainder of the batter. Freeze for 6 hours or overnight. Serve immediately, and garnish with caramel and granola if desired!

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