Watermelon Mint Frose

This Watermelon Mint Frose is the best summer drink! If you are a watermelon lover, this drink is perfect for the summer. The watermelon is super refreshing and sweet. The sprigs of mint adds a cooling element to the cocktail. But, the best part of this refreshing cocktail is the Rose of course! I like to freeze my Rose in a ice cube tray or a cup will do just fine. I find that this helps the consistency remain thick and icy.


Serving Size: Yields 2 Cocktails

2 cups of frozen watermelon (only freeze for 1-2 hours)
2 sprigs of mint leaves
1/2 cup of Rose*
1 cup of ice 

* Optional: Freeze the Rose for about 2 hours in ice molds or a plastic cup. It will not freeze all the way but will get icy.


Blend watermelon, mint, and the Rose in a blender. Blend until you achieve a slushy consistency.**

Pour into cup of choice, add garnish and enjoy! Cheers!

**If your mixture is too frozen, add in more watermelon or Rose (that is not frozen). 

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